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Lifestyle Entrepreneur Defined

When I wrote my book, Soul Proprietor: 101 Lessons from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur in 2001, I had a sense of what it meant to be a lifestyle entrepreneur. But not a definition that rolled off my tongue. I talked about the bottom line being more than simply a dollar...

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I was quoted in US News and World Report

When my caller ID showed the message US News World Report you can be sure I picked up the line! How exciting to be interviewed by such an eminent publication. My main question was, "How did you find me?" but I graciously delayed asking until the interview was...

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Lunch with Kathryn

My dear friend Kathryn invited me for a birthday lunch last week. We sat outside in her spectacular garden, ate a deliciously prepared macrobiotic feast, then went inside for her gift to me, a session of healing touch which she's been studying. In addition to being...

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The Trouble with Being in O

Years ago Anne Taintor and I met when we were each exhibiting our artwork at the Westport Creative Arts Festival. I've been following her career ever since. She has branded herself brilliantly over the years and created a look uniquely hers. Whenever I see her...

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The Way to Ask a Favor

Scarlett De Bease, my wonderful Image Consultant, asked me to write a testimonial for her LinkedIn profile. I was very happy to oblige. But I knew that it would take me awhile to figure out exactly how to fulfill her request. I had never posted a recommendation on...

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Make An Offering

Listening to Andrea Adler's CD, To Advertise or Not To Advertise, That is The Question, I heard validation for a practice I've already embarked upon--making an offering. Next Thursday evening, July 17th, I'm offering a sneak preview of my Create Your Own Future event...

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Am I the last one to do this?

For some reason I'd never taken the time to stop annoying emails from clogging my inbox. Must've been that I didn't realize how dead simple it is. Every day I get what feels like 200 notices about discount theatre tickets, daily news briefs from an industry I'm only...

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Who’s in charge?

Last week we snuck off for a couple of days to spend quiet time by a lake in Litchfield County. The first night was idyllic as was the next day. But, the morning of our departure brought a horrific experience. At 4:50am there was a banging on our door and a man’s...

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