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Heard Stew Leonard, Jr. Speak

I live 2 miles from the World's Largest Dairy Store (according to Ripley's Believe It or Not)--Stew Leonard's. I had the privilege of hearing Stew, Jr. address my Entrepreneurial Woman's Network (EWN) meeting on April 24. Totally inspiring. His message was: how do you...

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Asking for what you want

I received the best speaker gift I've ever gotten when I presented for the Women's Jewelry Association last March--elegant personalized stationery. One hitch though. They spelled my name incorrectly: JANE POLLACK. I considered tossing the box away and saying, "Oh,...

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Lisa’s Business Cards

Lisa Quirk is a brilliant surface design artist re-entering the market now that her kids are older. She wanted to create a business card to bring to networking events, but wasn't entirely ready to invest in a full identity package. I suggested she cut up business card...

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Bumper Sticker Wisdom

On my morning walk recently I saw a fancy sports car in a neighbor's driveway. Its bumper sticker said: The older I get, the faster I was. I filter pretty much everything I see, hear and do through the senses of an entrepreneur so I thought about how that applied to...

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Lesson # 10

This lesson from my book, Soul Proprietor is: Getting advice from an expert is critical. You’ll save time and money. Clients and colleagues have been telling me for months now that it’s time to start a blog. “It’s so easy. You can set your own up in an hour, really!”...

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Burnout Relief

One assignment I had during my coaching certification program was to sit for one hour and do nothing. I chose to bring my collapsible chair to Compo Beach for my hour of nothingness. It was chilly, so I had a blanket wrapped over my body. The tide was low and coming...

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