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Who’s in charge?

Last week we snuck off for a couple of days to spend quiet time by a lake in Litchfield County. The first night was idyllic as was the next day. But, the morning of our departure brought a horrific experience. At 4:50am there was a banging on our door and a man’s...

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I don’t have many ideas.

Last week during a long car ride, a colleague told me that he had tons of ideas. Something about that phrase--tons of ideas--struck a chord. I hear a lot of people use it. The similarity among those who say that, and why I think it sticks out for me, is that many of...

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Summer To-Do List

All of my coaching groups are on hiatus for the summer. My speaking kicks back into high gear mid-September. Several individual clients are taking a break from coaching over the summer. So I scheduled a brainstorming session with myself to figure out how to best use...

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How I follow up

I attended a spectacular EWN event last month with over 150 women business owners. The keynote speaker was Beth Schoenfeldt, co-founder of Ladies Who Launch. One of the cool things about this Grand Networking Event is that in addition to an hour of mingling time...

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Delegating the VA way

I'm often asked what kinds of tasks I delegate to my Virtual Assistant (VA), Valerie. Clients and colleagues want to know exactly how a VA might save them time and money. I've long been an advocate of delegating any task that I can pay someone else to do while I spend...

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I’ve got the keys to the kingdom.

I had pangs of jealousy and envy on Sunday night watching the Tony Awards on tv. Here were these amazingly talented people, who had worked collaboratively for years to produce Broadway shows, beaming on the stage of Radio City Music Hall as they received their...

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Looks matter!

As a table sponsor for the May EWN Grand Networking Event, I had the opportunity to contribute to the goody bag of each attendee. I brought that possibility as a challenge to my mastermind group members who made the brilliant suggestion that I give something...

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One of my gurus

Terri Lonier and I became friends while in the National Speakers Association and have continued our relationship as our own entrepreneurial businesses have grown and changed. She sends out a terrific weekly educational segment I highly recommend: Working Solo Minute....

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Believers and Non-Believers

It may be possible to divide the world into those who do and don't believe in The Secret. Starting with my marriage, we fall into the two different camps. I believe that if you can conceive and believe it--it being anything you want in your life, you can achieve it....

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