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Like Daughter, Like Mother

I could have written the following blog (I flatter myself...) word for word, but I didn't. It was written by my daughter Lindsey who is thriving in her entrepreneurial business as an author, speaker and training consultant specializing in career development for...

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Small Business Advocate – Jim Blasingame

Jim Blasingame http://smallbusinessadvocate.com/ has a website full of useful information for small business owners provided by experts all over the country. I was fortunate enough to be connected to him through colleague Barbara Weltman . He'd interviewed me a couple...

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Women’s Livers and Coaching

I had the privilege of hearing David Briscoe speak at the Kushi Institute Summer Conference on macrobiotics last week. I didn't know when I walked into his classroom how coaching and macrobiotics might relate to each other. (Had I known, I would have taken the...

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It’s Like Spinach in Your Teeth

I received a gracious tweak from a colleague that I wanted to share. She'd noticed a misspelled word on my website and wanted to call it to my attention. Here's how she put it: "Just wanted you to know, as I am sure you're a perfectionist, that your Canyon Ranch...

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A David Pogue Column I’ll Always Remember

Back in the dark ages, 2002, when technology was forcing us digital immigrants to really get on board, I read a piece in the Currents section of the New York Times by David Pogue that made me laugh out loud. It was about using your computer to create digital...

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I Got a Birthday Card from Chico’s…

...and my chiropractor, my insurance agent and a business consultant with whom I'd worked many years ago. These businesses were smart sending an off-season mailing to get their customer's attention. It works. I'll definitely go into my local Chico's to redeem the...

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An Exclamation Point from the Universe

During my coaching training, and when I work with my clients, I often use a couple of tools I learned: Future Self and Life Purpose. Here's a dramatically abbreviated overview: In defining one's Future Self you participate in a visualization that allows you to imagine...

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Lifestyle Entrepreneur Defined

When I wrote my book, Soul Proprietor: 101 Lessons from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur in 2001, I had a sense of what it meant to be a lifestyle entrepreneur. But not a definition that rolled off my tongue. I talked about the bottom line being more than simply a dollar...

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