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Role Model – Susan Jacques

I recently had the privilege of hearing Susan Jacques tell her story at the Women's Jewelry Association event called Women In The Know held at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC, NY). She's the President and CEO of Borsheim's a world-renowned jewelry store in...

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Burn Out

A colleague and long-term friend of mine sought my help recently when we met. "I'm burning out," she told me. She loves what she's doing, does it magnificently and doesn't want to stop, but is running on empty. I asked how her self-care was--how much time she was...

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Heard Stew Leonard, Jr. Speak

I live 2 miles from the World's Largest Dairy Store (according to Ripley's Believe It or Not)--Stew Leonard's. I had the privilege of hearing Stew, Jr. address my Entrepreneurial Woman's Network (EWN) meeting on April 24. Totally inspiring. His message was: how do you...

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Asking for what you want

I received the best speaker gift I've ever gotten when I presented for the Women's Jewelry Association last March--elegant personalized stationery. One hitch though. They spelled my name incorrectly: JANE POLLACK. I considered tossing the box away and saying, "Oh,...

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Lisa’s Business Cards

Lisa Quirk is a brilliant surface design artist re-entering the market now that her kids are older. She wanted to create a business card to bring to networking events, but wasn't entirely ready to invest in a full identity package. I suggested she cut up business card...

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Bumper Sticker Wisdom

On my morning walk recently I saw a fancy sports car in a neighbor's driveway. Its bumper sticker said: The older I get, the faster I was. I filter pretty much everything I see, hear and do through the senses of an entrepreneur so I thought about how that applied to...

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Lesson # 10

This lesson from my book, Soul Proprietor is: Getting advice from an expert is critical. You’ll save time and money. Clients and colleagues have been telling me for months now that it’s time to start a blog. “It’s so easy. You can set your own up in an hour, really!”...

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Burnout Relief

One assignment I had during my coaching certification program was to sit for one hour and do nothing. I chose to bring my collapsible chair to Compo Beach for my hour of nothingness. It was chilly, so I had a blanket wrapped over my body. The tide was low and coming...

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