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Creative Entrepreneurs Mastermind

Next Goup Starting in September

Small business expert and Coach, Jane Pollak, will once again be offering a Creative Entrepreneurship Mastermind for six women (designers, artists, photographers, writers, performers, organizers, etc.) who are ready to grow. Having owned her own business since 1972, Jane is the perfect leader synthesizing an artistic background track record and expert coaching skills.

This motivating and nurturing environment will assemble twice-monthly for a 2.5 hour interactive session led by a nationally recognized artist devoted to you, the creator, and the work you’re passionate about taking to market.

The Creative Entrepreneurship Mastermind offers not only a warm and supportive environment to meet similarly creative women, but also, under the leadership of Jane Pollak, provides a place where you will be inspired to take the next steps in your business. Each member will have the spotlight for a portion of the meeting to air challenges and hear multiple perspectives. In exchange, each of you will offer your own experience and resources to the others.

A primary challenge for solopreneurs is isolation. You will come together in support of yourself and a group of like-minded creatives.

Areas of Discussion:

  • Time Management

  • Goal Setting

  • Record-Keeping

  • Vision Work

  • Your Market and How to Reach Them

  • Communications

After registering, each participant will have a 30-minute coaching session with Jane to strategize what she’d like to focus on. Some examples from past clients include:

  • Getting organized

  • Increasing audience and reach

  • Determining your vision and mission

  • Developing a consistent communications strategy

  • Learning how to delegate

  • Maintaining balance between work and life

  • Building your resources and network

You’re always thinking of everyone else. Why not make this a gift to yourself?

Your investment:  $795

15 hours of coaching, plus a private coaching session once you enroll.


Client: “You won’t believe what happened since our last session!”

Jane: “Oh, yes I will!”

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Craft A Life of Deep Fulfillment

Let’s Talk


  • Getting curious about your passions, dreams, and visions
  • Guiding and supporting your process
  • Identifying your true passion – vs. the ‘shoulds’
  • Providing actionable goals toward achieving your vision
  • Facilitating your supportive community development
  • Being deeply in relationship with you

The Uncommon Success Program

Three 30-minute calls a month for 6 consecutive months. Your investment is $600 per month.

Each new client receives a Discovery Session – 90 minutes for $600. Total investment is $4200.

If you’re ready to dive in and begin the process of turning your vision into a reality as quickly as possible, select this high-gear intensive. You will see results very quickly as you move through the individual strategies outlined in the program. Your momentum will have you sailing through assignments and creating satisfying results.


Dream Peek Experience

This one-on-one consultation will enable you to “take a peek” at how your dream life can become your real life. It’s your chance to sample Jane’s coaching expertise and guidance and see a future where your vision is transformed into a life-liberation plan. To sign-up or learn more about the Dream Peek Experience.

One 60-minute session plus one 30 minute follow-up call 30 days after the initial call. Your investment is $495.


Gentle Coaching Circles with Jane

You may have heard of “gentle and/or restorative yoga”. Gentle Coaching Circles with Jane is an equivalent opportunity for you to stretch your life muscles slowly, and with compassion, in the container of my guidance and expertise.

The opposite of a boot camp, Gentle Coaching Circles with Jane provides an opportunity to consider what’s next for you, to move at your own pace, and to be in the company of supportive women and an empowering master coach.

With the unprecedented challenges posed by Covid-19 and the constant changes on the horizon, I’ve come up with a safe, tender and uplifting series of group meetings to assist you in articulating and moving toward your desires.

After registering, each participant will have a 20-minute coaching session with me to sort out what she’d like to focus on.

  • Take time to meditate and journal
  • Keep the focus on yourself and your desires
  • Hear positive, encouraging and uplifting reflections from your cohort
  • Listen to how others are approaching this unique time in our history
  • Share your wisdom (and hear your own wisdom spoken)
  • Make right-sized, bite-sized, incremental changes

Your Investment: $795.00

Fall Dates Coming Soon

Here’s what my clients said about their experience:

“Despite feeling hugely skeptical that I could meet the kind of goals we spoke about, I’ve made more money in the first half of this year than all of last year! It seemed impossible, yet you were right!!! Thank you for removing the barriers from my psyche. ”
Photographer ~ Westchester County, NY
“I got the opportunity to be part of a small community; to benefit from a very caring circle of women whose life experiences were very different than mine. I really enjoyed contributing by listening to their stories as much as I enjoyed their listening to me.”
Barbara Hogan
“The beauty of this group is being witnessed. I live a singular, independent existence. People don’t always know I need them. I felt your approbation. That you value me. This helps me understand my value, when I can feel it from people I don’t know.”
“Jane helped me sift through my many ideas to focus on the bigger, more powerful ones that really tugged at my heart and helped me set aside the ones that gave me no real spark. Our time together allowed my first instinctual thoughts to come through and left no time to overthink or give any energy toward the less salient.

I came away feeling more confident with the direction I wanted to head into and which next steps to take. I also felt clear about additional areas I will work on in the near future.”

Mary Davis
Designer, Entrepreneur