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“Finding just the right palette, textures and embellishments makes the design process alive and exhilarating in my own work and in my work with you.”

– Jane

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Throughout history, artists have taken inspiration from their predecessors to create new masterpieces. Jane Pollak is a true artist in this sense. Her hand-stitched textile pieces are inspired by the colors she observes while assimilating the art of years’ past.

Her process begins with an open search. Jane journeys to museums and galleries, both near her home in NYC and beyond, studying famous pieces through the millennia: Hilma af Klint, David Hockney, Monet and Helen Frankenthaler to name a few. When something strikes her, she extrapolates a color palette from its many shades and shadows, then discovers matching textiles to create an assemblage of colors that capture the spirit of the original work. These woolen pieces are cut into circles, rounded squares, and various shapes then layered upon each other until they form the desired composition.

Each wall hanging and pillow is carefully stitched by Jane’s own hand with quality materials: felted wool, hand-selected buttons and beads, and meticulously matched threads. She is inspired by the generations of women who have crafted art throughout the ages with their needlework, and she pays homage to their skills through her own work. Once finished, a vibrant artwork emerges, stunning in both its overall design and exquisitely rendered details.

As each pillow is made by hand, they are truly one-of-a-kind, endowing them with a special presence. They become a focal point drawing the eye with their palette and composition, grounding each space where they are placed. Jane Pollak’s designs are unique in their marriage of playful, modern interpretations of shape and color, while remaining deeply informed by the history of the work that inspires her.