Invite Jane to Speak to your Business, Organization or Association

A nationally recognized speaker, certified coach, author, blogger and lifestyle entrepreneur with over 30 years of business experience, Jane loves sharing inspirational, yet practical, lessons with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Below is a clip from Jane’s TEDx talk:

Soul Proprietor: Lessons for the Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Dreaming of starting your own business? Working to take your existing business to the next level?

During this program, Jane presents key business lessons from her book to illustrate the universality of business experiences while relating tales of her 30 years as an artist, coach and professional speaker.

Each participant will benefit from hearing the enthusiasm, drive and persistence it takes to thrive in one’s own small business.

Create Your Own Future

We are in a constant state of transformation and reinvention.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed, plagued by self-doubt and held back by the fear of taking that first step.

Illustrated with Jane’s memorable anecdotes and grounded in the art of visualization and goal setting, this workshop will provide participants with the know-how and confidence to:

– Visualize their future self
– Define realistic short and long term goals
– Craft an action plan for meaningful results
– Create an environment of support
– Deal with negative self-talk

Living 25,000 Miles Outside of Your Comfort Zone

In this inspirational and entertaining presentation based on her Semester at Sea, Jane shares the experience of leaving her family, friends and clients behind to travel with 800 students and academics around the world.

She artfully tells her story of how visiting 11 countries brought a never-ending series of lessons, and an appreciation for things like heat, toilet paper and marked prices!

But the most rewarding and unexpected part of her journey, which she happily shares with her audiences, is how her voyage around the world changed who she is and how she now lives her life.