Debbie Fay

“Jane, one of the very smartest business decisions I’ve ever made in my almost nine years in business was joining your creative mastermind group. Never have I accomplished so much in such a short period of time.  I am already seeing MASSIVE results.  The best part is, it all feels so easy AND I am in the company of wonderful, super-sharp women whose spirit of generosity knows no bounds.  Lucky lucky me.  THANK YOU!!!”


bespeak presentation solutions, llc

Erica Udoff

Remarkable Women's Workshop Participant

“Isn’t it amazing – a couple of hours, a group of (mostly) strangers – and suddenly we were sharing precious dreams and fears and energy and support. It doesn’t happen everywhere, does it?”

Jeanine Esposito

Founder – Beechwood Arts

“I like your messages, I like your concrete content, I like that you continually adapt, I like that you always come around to modeling what you teach, I like your honesty, personal connection and openness while maintaining your professionalism. You have integrity in what you do which is more rare than people think.”

Michelle Friedman

MA, PCC - Advancing Women's Careers, LLC

“So the bottom line is that I have hit my 5 year goals in terms of working 1-1, running groups, consulting to companies, participating in academic/policy work and getting a Masters. And exceeded my financial goals. When I wrote that vision statement a few years ago it all seemed pretty impossible, but little by little things have fallen into place! Thanks for the work you did with me in the past and I look forward to being in touch down the road for more coaching when I need you again!”

Karen Embry

Karen Embry Designs - Artist/Designer/Author

“Since I have been working with Jane, I have seen such positive results in all of the aspects of my business. Not only have I seen progress in the business area, but it has carried over to relieve stress in my personal life. She is so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and has such a unique insight into the issues – it is always a pleasure.

Prior to working with Jane, I was quite overwhelmed to say the least, by the issues concerning my business. Jane offered direction in helping determine my priorities, specify my goals, find resources and networking opportunities. Her expertise in the area of being a “SOUL Proprietor: and sympathetic attitude towards those of us following that path is worth more than words can say.

The most significant improvements in my business have been acquiring the knowledge to take my design business to the next level, by determining a business plan, vision statement and setting priorities. I have seen an increase in the profitability of my business. I am now able to focus on the important issues, formulate a plan and accept accountability.

(On a more personal note… your sense of humour, directness and all around great personality is part of what makes it so easy to talk to you about the issues. You are just like the rest of us and you’re not afraid to let anyone know it. That unpretentious quality is what made me first approach you at SCD (Society of Craft Designers) and ask you to coach me. I could not be more pleased at the success I have achieved with your coaching skills and Passion to Profits Program! In the event that anyone would like to speak to me regarding the value of your program & my experience with it, I would be more than happy to discuss it with them.)”

Carlyn Saltman

Documentary Producer – Montague MA

“Like many small business owners and solo-preneurs, I’ve been to a lot of workshops designed to help clarify the steps we need to take and motivate us to follow through. The results have usually been mixed at best. Not so after Create Your Own Future with Jane. Her no-nonsense approach helped me take vital steps I’d been putting off for years and stretch beyond what I thought I could pull off – and in a very short timeframe no less. And now, nine months later, I am light years beyond where I ever thought I’d be.”

Beth Frede

Interior Designer – Owner of Beth Frede Interiors, New Hampshire

“Your style is utterly relatable and down-to-earth, which makes your suggestions feel so attainable… I believe that’s a large part of why the afterglow of last year’s conference stayed with me all year! I’ve just sent off a press release – see, it’s working already! Thanks so much, Jane, for helping me set and achieve my goals!”

Sandy Weiner

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

“I came in expecting some hard and fast ways to reach my goals, and I walked away with an opening of my heart and soul and an experience of the sacredness of the space that was created in sharing our vulnerability with each other. Thank you all!

I wanted to also share my win towards reaching my goal: At the grocery store on the way home from the class, I saw a woman whom I love but don’t really know well, and told her about my first workshop. She told me that this what she needs in her life and she will make time for it.”

Farah Khan

Art Director – House 9 Design

“Every single time I interact with Jane, magic happens. She has a way of making you trust in your dreams and recognize your worth. She couples that confidence with expert business advice that harnesses your strengths. Remember that one teacher you had? The one who challenged you, who made you believe in yourself, the one you’ll never forget? That’s Jane.