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Three Things People Do in June – Part 3

Take a look at your business now that we're halfway through 2018 Attend a reunion Go on vacation That's my short list of what many entrepreneurs do in June. Weddings, graduations, and Fathers Day may have been on your list, if you quantify things like this, but these...

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Another Fabulous Sue Shapiro Panel

"Some people think publishing is a business, but it's really a casino." This was one of the memorable quotes and ideas I jotted down while attending a panel of published authors, agents and editors produced by Sue Shapiro, an award-winning writing professor, last...

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Three Things People Do in June – Part 2

You've read about my beloved theatre professor, Jim Cavanaugh, many times throughout the years on these pages. I graduated from college decades ago, and he is still an active cheerleader and mentor for me. Hardly a post of mine goes online without a comment from Jim....

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Three Things People Do in June – Part 1

Scheduling three major activities this month, I noticed that I’m a garden-variety June celebrator and entrepreneur. Like many of you, I’ll be 1) creating marketing materials for promoting my business over the next 6 months and year ahead, 2) attending a reunion (my...

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My Ego Tricked Me Again

I made a mistake. A dear and trusted colleague contacted me last fall and offered to nominate me to attend an expensive event in May. From the get-go, my ego inflated and I thought, She's nominating ME. I must really be something! There weren't a lot of details...

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You Think 40 is Old!

A wonderful article by Pamela Druckerman, a writer in her 40's living in Paris, wrote a piece for the NYTimes earlier this month which said, "If you want to know how old you look, just walk into a French cafe. It’s like a public referendum on your face." She described...

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What Ruth Bader Ginsburg and I Have in Common

I sat in awe of our great Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, throughout the documentary film RBG which I highly recommend. Her ongoing fight for equality in our country is formidable, and she's had enormous success winning five of six discrimination cases she...

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This Has NEVER Happened Before

 On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your level of politeness to telemarketers and customer service reps? I used to hover between 0 and 4 depending on my mood that hour. Not something I've been proud of, but I'm trying to change. The Universe presented me with the...

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Michael Katz Sticks in My Mind

Gems poured out of the mouth of Michael Katz last week at the EWC lunch event in Stamford. This exuberant and growing network was host to this out-of-town expert, the founder of Blue Penguin, a company that helps small businesses niche themselves. The image on the...

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