Diamonds in Your Own Backyard

There's a satisfying story, originally created by Russell Conwell, called Acres of Diamonds about a landowner (long story very short) who traveled the world searching for diamonds to create wealth, only to return home broke and broken. Home again, he discovered that...

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Liz Alpert Fay is Immortalizing Me

It all started nearly two decades ago when I was selected to be a judge at the Westchester Craft Fair. This was nearing the end of my arts career, so we're talking early 2000's. As I walked the show, and this was one of the truly inspiring exhibits, I fell in love...

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Be Careful What You Promise

I'm changing banks and was at the new branch office this morning for 90 minutes to open my accounts. Standard. I had allotted plenty of time for this activity. My Financial Services Rep dialed HQ's to get further information. The recorded message that came over the...

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One Thing You Can’t Fake

On every application form I send to prospects I ask, Is there one skill or ability you'd like to develop that would take you to the next level? Over 80% of the responses I receive include 'more confidence' which surprises me. The women who choose to work with me are...

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Having Trouble Filling Your Meetings/Events?

A common challenge my clients face, and I do too, is getting the attention of the public for a webinar, an in-person event or to enroll in ongoing workshops. Not that it was ever easy, but there are more shiny objects calling for our attention today than ever. I read...

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How I’m Like Gad Elmaleh and How I’m Not

Two weeks ago I'd never heard of Gad Elmaleh (had you?), and now he's a hero of mine. I was introduced to him by Ira Glass, host of This American Life, when his story was in re-run during the holidays originally broadcast in November 2016. I would have missed it...

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What’s Your Forcing Mechanism?

One of the most successful businessmen I know shared his secrets with a mastermind group I ran several years ago. He is married to an entrepreneurial friend of mine and had, in their courtship, helped her grow her design business exponentially. I invited him to share...

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My 1000th Blog!

For months in 2008, my mastermind group encouraged me to start a blog. Let me set the context here in a time where blogs are now everywhere. It would be the equivalent of my saying to you, my audience in 2017, that you should start posting on snapchat. You've heard of...

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Liz LaForte is the Answer to Your Prayers

You know how hard it is to find an employee or even a subcontractor? It's like dating. You want to be sure it's a good fit, but who wants to spend the time required to make that happen? Or, you need to let go of a working relationship that's not working. How do you...

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