It’s Not As Easy As It Looks

Poof! I have a new website: I hope you visit it soon (and often) and that you enjoy the design and content. I also hope, and anticipate, that it appears to have been accomplished effortlessly. Like the Bolshoi dancers gliding across the...

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My Appreciation Event

About once a year I like to express my appreciation to the amazing women I work with. I sent out a personal invitation in September, via snail mail with a real stamp on it, to let my clients know how much I value them. Last Friday several dozen assembled for a lunch...

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Heather Habelka on Writing

I get so much out of attending the Entrepreneurial Women's Club (EWC) in Stamford, CT that I don't even mind the commute from NYC that I make once a month. The October lunch was an great example of why I choose to attend. I was picked up at the train station by the...

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When Is It Work?

I'm often confused by the question, "How many hours a week do you work?" What catches me up short is the fine line between what feels like work-writing a blog post--and what can fairly be labeled as work but is actually fun. Not that writing this entry isn't fun... On...

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Doreen Birdsell – Author, Speaker, Friend

I got the loveliest call today from Doreen telling me she spoke about me at her Toastmasters meeting last night. She even sent me a link to her 3 minute (to the second!) testimonial which made my day. I'd been having tech issues - my computer video camera isn't...

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When to Treat…Yourself

I'll never fly Cheapo Airlines again. I must not've read the fine print on my printed reservation to Miami Beach which clearly states: Basic Economy is the most economical fare class.  This is a great way to save money if your travel plans aren't going to change, you...

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