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My driver and I were having a conversation about side hustles this afternoon on the very trafficky ride home from LaGuardia. Jerome, a brilliant med student, now doctor, picked me up over a year ago when he was working as a Via driver. He'd responded to a signal from...

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Joe Biden’s Gaffe and Me

As a Baby Boomer trying to stay abreast of technology in the 21st Century, I occasionally fall short, as Joe Biden (not a Baby Boomer, but old) did during the recent debate. He made a reference to "playing the record player at night" calling attention to his longevity...

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Are You Going Back to School This September?

When I saw Brennan Cavanaugh's back-to-school Facebook post recently, it prompted the idea for this entry. He wrote that he's going into 47th Grade! Brennan is a long-time friend and my recent headshot photographer. It also gives me an excuse to show off my adorable...

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Do You Have ENOUGH?

A friend recently clipped out an article from Spirituality & Health magazine she knew I'd love. It caught her attention because the illustration -- a gorgeous painting by Bridget Hobson--reminded her of the cover of my memoir. Of course, the essence of the article...

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Another Transition: Job to School

I surely needed support through the end of my marriage, my move to New York City (almost 7 years ago!) and my shifting from being a full-time artist to becoming a speaker and a coach. I've never done any of this alone. I've hired coaches, been part of a mastermind...

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What Do You REALLY Want?

It's an age-old question, and the answer keeps changing if you're living a dynamic life. Over the next few days, I'll share stories of three women I've worked with, who answered that query, and the transitions they've moved through. One wanted to create a more...

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What’s Scratchy for You Right Now?

A gentleman I know recently described an aspect of his childhood that felt different from mine yet familiar. "As a child, I slept under an army blanket with no top sheet. I learned how to lie very still, because whenever I moved, it would be scratchy and...

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