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Do You Suffer From This?

I promise, this is not a humble brag or a disguised way of having you compliment me (but go ahead if you must). I seriously don't quite get this malady, but I'm clear I have it. On my Visions Group call every two weeks we each (there are three of us) have 8 minutes to...

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Are You a Woman of Value?

I can see my male readers* shaking their heads at the title of this post but, Women, this one's for you! Sandy Weiner's brand is all about women who value themselves, and that's the primary component of this interview. What do I think are the characteristics of a...

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What Makes You Tingle?

I'm just back home after leading two women's retreats in Massachusetts, one in the Berkshires, the other on the Cape. Both were filled with extraordinary women who carved out time in their lives to focus on themselves for a few days. How often do YOU take time just...

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Here’s Your Assignment

What if, as your coach, I challenged you to undertake ONLY these tasks over the next two and a half weeks (until 11/20 to be exact): --Use this time to reflect --Keep your schedule light --Declutter --Allow your intuition to be your guide --Spend time with old friends...

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I Spy Lin-Manuel Miranda! A Perfect Day in NYC

I couldn't have scripted yesterday any better, a perfect NYC day for this citizen, both professionally and personally. First thing in the morning I completed work on a retreat I'm leading next week -- I'll write more about that after it's over--knowing that I had an...

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Judith Light – “It’s a Migration”

Thank goodness for rewind! I was so enthralled with Alec Baldwin's podcast (Here's the Thing) interview with Judith Light that I had to continuously stop the recording, play back a segment, listen again, rewind and hear it once more. At 70 years old, she announced...

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Juice is the New Chocolate

Mary, a friend and colleague in my Visions Group, works a pipeline in her sales job for a lighting company. She's got a long list of vendors as well as interior designers she's to keep in touch with regularly. During our bi-weekly sessions we brainstorm ways to keep...

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Donna Karan and Kay Unger Share Their Reinventions

Last Thursday I had the privilege of witnessing two of fashion's most successful and celebrated women at the New School's 100th Anniversary celebration. Michelle Lee of Allure Magazine interviewed Donna Karan and Kay Unger for an hour in front of a packed house. The...

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