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Do You Ever Want to Say, “C’mon God!”

I feel like a whiny brat enumerating all that I'm doing on my own behalf to get my artwork out to the right buyer. In my case, that would be an interior designer or specialty home decor store with wealthy clientele. I'm following the instructions I give my clients....

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Know What an FFT Is?

If you're a Brené Brown fan, it's likely you do know. If not, how did you feel reading the title of this post? My typical thought pattern would be something like this: Who wants to learn ANOTHER acronym? No, and I don't really care! Well, if _______ is talking about...

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The Incandescent Doreen Birdsell – 1951 – 2021

From the first time Doreen walked into the classroom where I was seated at Saugatuck Church in Westport, Connecticut, things got brighter. We were both members of a fellowship that included frequent shared experiences, not only during our regular meetings, but also in...

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Any Rowboats or Helicopters Coming Your Way?

I first read the story of the man and the flood in Bernie Siegel's inspiring book Love, Medicine & Miracles (1986). For anyone who doesn't know this famous tale, a man is on his roof as the floodwaters begin to rise. Someone in a wooden boat rows by and offers him...

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Why I Hate Learning

Every day this month, well since January 6th, has been unprecedented. It's hard to know what to do in light of our country's events and uncertaintly of what's ahead. I'm disturbed, anxious and tentative. That said, I also feel that my best contribution is to take...

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Running on Empty?

How do YOU stay inspired, motivated, actively engaged? Never in my lifetime has that been more challenging than right now. I don't have to review for you all the reasons why. My question to you is, what can YOU do to keep your engine running and, dare I say, thrive? I...

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Do You Need to Know That NOW?

Years ago I was invited to address a group of out-placed executives who were considering entrepreneurship. I was the resident expert that day and was joined, in our circle, by a professor of entrepreneurship from a nearby university. One of the attendees asked how...

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Baby Steps Reminder

If you're anything like me, you've got a juicy list of to-do's for 2021. And, if you're like me, you already feel behind. Aagh! Sorry about that contagious not-quite-good-enough gene. Sorry about mentioning contagion in the current environment... This is a reminder...

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