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Old School and Proud of It

Visiting my grandsons in New Jersey last weekend, I was taken aback when Owen, the 7-year old, called something I'd done "so old school." Fortunately, my failing memory can't come up with the exact moment he used the phrase, only that I was temporarily startled,...

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Virginia Kraljevic – A Most Abundant Artist

"There's no such thing as competition. There's so much abundance out there," said Virginia Kraljevic as our most ample conversation wound down. Her attitude didn't surprise me. Her drawings reflect someone whose heart is wide open and flourishing. Virginia is my first...

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Gentle Coaching Circles

As this Year of Everything Different comes up to its first anniversary, I am offering a different coaching program. "No one is looking for a boot camp these days," one of my advisory board members reminded me. "We're all looking for something gentle, supportive and...

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Stop Waiting for Permission!

I gave a talk early this morning to a group of business owners. The feedback I got was so uplifting and motivating that I decided I need to bring my message to a larger audience. "I should post videos of me sharing my experience, strength and hope to the masses -...

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My Latest Re-connection: Heidi Nehlsen

I've been over-achieving on my commitment to reach out each week for a 1:1 conversation as a means of networking, marketing and filling time till post-pandemic life resumes. I'm so excited by this self-assignment that I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. We're 7 weeks...

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Surprising Advice from my Advisory Board

On my bi-weekly Visions zoom call this morning, I was taken aback by the advice given to me by two people I highly esteem. My memoir has been out for almost two years, has been listed on Amazon and other sites for that amount of time, and continues to sell, albeit not...

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Do You Ever Want to Say, “C’mon God!”

I feel like a whiny brat enumerating all that I'm doing on my own behalf to get my artwork out to the right buyer. In my case, that would be an interior designer or specialty home decor store with wealthy clientele. I'm following the instructions I give my clients....

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Know What an FFT Is?

If you're a Brené Brown fan, it's likely you do know. If not, how did you feel reading the title of this post? My typical thought pattern would be something like this: Who wants to learn ANOTHER acronym? No, and I don't really care! Well, if _______ is talking about...

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The Incandescent Doreen Birdsell – 1951 – 2021

From the first time Doreen walked into the classroom where I was seated at Saugatuck Church in Westport, Connecticut, things got brighter. We were both members of a fellowship that included frequent shared experiences, not only during our regular meetings, but also in...

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