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Don’t Blame Me for 2020!

My choice for a Word of the Year in 2020 was TRANSITION (see last year's optimistic blog post). How prophetic was that? None of us knew in December 2019 what lay ahead. All those 20/20 metaphors for vision, the beginning of a new decade, this generation's form of the...

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Erik Hanson – Painter and Friend

Although my marketing plan for 2021 includes a weekly visit with a colleague, friend, client or new contact, I decided to get a head start. Last week I met up with Erik Hanson on the #1 train and rode with him to his painting studio in Bushwick. Erik recently heard me...

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An Invaluable Conversation with Donna Cash

I've been around long enough as a business owner to know this truth: trading money for expertise is a smart move. I hired Donna Cash last week to tell me all the secrets of the pillow industry, and did she deliver! We met by zoom, of course, as she is in Georgia, I'm...

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What’s On Your [Endless] List?

Before I could sit down to wish you all a serene and loving holiday season, I had to check things off my list. YOU are the priority, but my nagging mind reminded me that: The butternut squash would go bad if I didn't peel and cook it-- The gifts had to be shipped to...

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Discovering Saskia

What began as a way to fill an 8-hour day ended up being a rewarding, uplifting and satisfying adventure. I was at an intersection between my kitchen renovation completion and a rare day with no appointments on the calendar. My home studio is currently inoperable, or...

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Pillow Talk – Perfecting the Product

My Etsy shop opened a few weeks ago, and I've already quadrupled my prices. Considering the time and aesthetics that go into each design, I know that my pillows will have to be bought as art, not home dec. They bring beauty and style to any room they grace and are...

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Don’t Judge Me!

My apartment is a mess. My kitchen renovation, delayed since July, is in its final stages, which means that there is currently a large plastic sheet dividing my living room from everything else. My brand new stove sits in the dining area. Pantry items and dishes fill...

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So You Think Publishing is Glamorous

A NYTimes obituary for Daniel Menaker caught my eye a few weeks ago, because his wife's name was one I recognized, Katherine Bouton, the colleague and friend of a good friend. I called my friend to share my sympathy for this loss, and she suggested loaning me My...

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Finding Joy During You-Know-What

This morning I opened up a red, Mrs. Fields' cookie tin to uncover a treasure trove of buttons. I spent close to an hour sifting through its contents, setting aside ones I'd like to use in my sewing projects and putting the rest back to return. They were gifted to me...

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