Joe Biden’s Gaffe and Me

As a Baby Boomer trying to stay abreast of technology in the 21st Century, I occasionally fall short, as Joe Biden (not a Baby Boomer, but old) did during the recent debate. He made a reference to "playing the record player at night" calling attention to his longevity...

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Are You Going Back to School This September?

When I saw Brennan Cavanaugh's back-to-school Facebook post recently, it prompted the idea for this entry. He wrote that he's going into 47th Grade! Brennan is a long-time friend and my recent headshot photographer. It also gives me an excuse to show off my adorable...

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Do You Have ENOUGH?

A friend recently clipped out an article from Spirituality & Health magazine she knew I'd love. It caught her attention because the illustration -- a gorgeous painting by Bridget Hobson--reminded her of the cover of my memoir. Of course, the essence of the article...

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Another Transition: Job to School

I surely needed support through the end of my marriage, my move to New York City (almost 7 years ago!) and my shifting from being a full-time artist to becoming a speaker and a coach. I've never done any of this alone. I've hired coaches, been part of a mastermind...

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What Do You REALLY Want?

It's an age-old question, and the answer keeps changing if you're living a dynamic life. Over the next few days, I'll share stories of three women I've worked with, who answered that query, and the transitions they've moved through. One wanted to create a more...

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What’s Scratchy for You Right Now?

A gentleman I know recently described an aspect of his childhood that felt different from mine yet familiar. "As a child, I slept under an army blanket with no top sheet. I learned how to lie very still, because whenever I moved, it would be scratchy and...

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How Much Should You Charge?

Fees are always a topic of discussion with my clients, but curiously, two identical references to Tony Robbins' hourly rate stopped me short this week. In a recent mastermind circle, one gentleman was asking what the going rate was for coaches. Another mentioned a...

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Sheri Salata’s New Book: The Beautiful NO

What happens when the woman with the front row seat to Everything Transformational makes the decision to attempt her own transformation? Hilarious, touching and informative answers make up the content of Sheri Salata's terrific new book The Beautiful No: And Other...

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