How’s the Pressure?

If you've ever had a massage, this is something the therapist will ask a few minutes into your treatment? Do you want her to press harder, or simply give your muscles a gentle workout? It comes up in coaching as well. I have a new client who is balancing a burgeoning...

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Robin Roberts – Courage, Grace, Wisdom

I had the privilege of hearing Robin Roberts keynote at the AARP event in Miami Beach last week. I'd seen her on the cover of their magazine recently, but since I'm not a TV watcher, had little idea of her immense influence as the co-anchor of ABC's Good Morning...

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Are You Protected Legally?

The mastermind group I facilitate met last Friday and were privileged to hear Gail Berritt, Esq. share legal essentials for small business owners. Each member of my group got to pose a specific question to Gail. Plus, Gail shared tips that applied to all of us. Here...

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Envy, Anger and Greed. Oh, My!

I'm enrolled in a new Memoir class this spring. Today's assignment is to write about one of the deadly sins (I've selected three, overachiever that I am) and use it as a theme in a writing piece. I wanted to share it with you since it's been a while since I've posted...

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How Are Your Fingernails? A Self-Care Quiz

I spoke at a Young Alum conference at Mount Holyoke when I was a young alum now. One of the panelists offered us a memorable self-care quiz: "Show me your hands." Go ahead. Look at yours right now. This is totally confidential. Are you happy with how they look? Are...

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Why Trust Signs? Take It From a Sign-Maker.

Leaving Hamilton College after his interview and tour of its campus, my son and I drove away just as a thunderstorm was clearing. "Mom, look! A rainbow," Rob pointed through the windshield and upwards. "It's a double!" I replied excitedly. "Do you think that's a...

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The Purple Wins

I don't remember how this started, but someone told me that all of my social media photos should be the same. When I asked my newsletter helper which image I should choose, she suggested that I ask my friends and family. In other words, 2015-speak, put it up on...

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What Do You Keep Secret?

My newest mastermind group started in midtown yesterday, and I found myself with six of the most dynamic, creative and inspiring women I know. While confidentiality is key to the success of the group, I can tell you that they all nodded in hearty agreement when I...

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How to Network and Get What You Want Online

I've never met Madie Hodges, but I like her already. As the Community Manager for Kabbage (which I'd never heard of until she introduced herself), she'd found my blog on the internet and reached out to suggest a topic for my posts: "How can entrepreneurs use their tax...

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