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The Truly Inspiring Malene B

Malene B ran a marathon two weeks ago, then traveled from Brooklyn to Washington Heights (almost a marathon) a few days later to have dinner with me and see my new place. This woman is UNSTOPPABLE! In 2001 Malene Barnett attended a talk I gave to the Entrepreneurial...

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My New Role as a Technology Whiz

I was invited to an event next week which I'm really looking forward to. It's sponsored by the Women's Media Group here in the city, and I was asked to accompany a friend who is a few years older than I am. The program is called Appy Hour. Don't you love that? For so...

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More on ‘NO’

You'd think there was only so much you could say about that little word, but I'm finding that it's a real powerhouse and there is more to explore than I originally thought. To help me say 'no' more authentically, I've begun intentionally mapping out my days with...

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Heather Ehinger – Remarkable!

Heather Ehinger, founder of Family Therapy Associates and the MacLetchie Institute and a licensed marriage and family therapist, spoke to a group of entrepreneurial women last week in Norwalk, CT. Her topic, and who would be a better expert than Heather, was working...

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Reveal, Don’t Conceal

Leading a retreat a couple of years ago, my co-leader and I shared guidelines for making the experience safe for everyone in the room. "Is there anything else that would help create a comfortable space for you?" we asked participants. One woman raised her hand and...

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Eileen Fisher and Susan Cain present Quiet Audacity

Eileen Fisher, one of my most favorite woman business owners on earth, held the second in a series of her Spring 2016 Learning Lab last night in Irvington, NY. She conducted a conversation with Susan Cain entitled Quiet Audacity. Yes, the extraordinary introvert...

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A Most Charming Note

After reading Carolyn See’s wonderful book, Making A Literary Life I not only began writing charming notes to icons in the world of publishing, but also blogged about developing the habit. One of my readers, Suzanne Ste. Therese who happens to be a client too, also...

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How Do You Most Easily Say “No”?

Please! Share your best practices for saying no graciously. I've tried to be kind, but gotten radio silence in response. Here are two examples that left me feeling badly. One new acquaintance offered me a personality assessment after she heard me speak, you know, like...

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