What Do You Keep Secret?

My newest mastermind group started in midtown yesterday, and I found myself with six of the most dynamic, creative and inspiring women I know. While confidentiality is key to the success of the group, I can tell you that they all nodded in hearty agreement when I...

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How to Network and Get What You Want Online

I've never met Madie Hodges, but I like her already. As the Community Manager for Kabbage (which I'd never heard of until she introduced herself), she'd found my blog on the internet and reached out to suggest a topic for my posts: "How can entrepreneurs use their tax...

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Has Your Urge Turned Into an Urgency?

Do you ever compare yourself with someone else? And attribute a higher grade or extra credit to those whom you perceive as better, faster, or more successful than you? I do. All the time. That's why I was so relieved when I spoke to my coach (after a long hiatus) who...

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Jeff Seaver – Social Media Expert – Tips

My Mastermind Intensive, aka the Bolders, had the privilege of listening to Jeff Seaver of Seaver Interactive talk about what social media is and isn't. He was our guest expert last Friday. We were riveted by his humor, his candor and the enormity of his knowledge on...

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Inspired and Compelling Conversation in Cornwall, CT

"You're here under false pretenses," Jonathan Landman told us on Saturday afternoon in his opening remarks for Cornwall Conversations which was billed as:  "the future of media and communications by two people who should know: Jonathan Landman, editor-at-large at...

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Who Helps Me – How To Reach Your Goals

I thought I'd open the kimono a bit today and share my own process when I'm working on a big project. What has my attention these days, well, for over a year, really, has been a memoir. It keeps shape-shifting, but it's moving forward, which is the main thing. Here's...

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Reports from the Mischievous Front

Oh, boy! I got the best responses (mainly privately) from you! Great suggestions (see yesterday's comments) and so much inspiration. I did leave the dishes in the sink last night and slept in this morning. This could get dangerous! Today I put a mustache on the photo...

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Please Help a Recovering Goody-Goody

I just got an assignment from a trusted support person to do something naughty or mischievous on a daily basis. The point of the exercise is to misbehave, act out. Consequences be damned! (Does swearing count?) What's that quote about well-behaved women not making...

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