Hey, Authors! This is for You!

The Women's Media Group (WMG) provides content-rich programming that I am fully taking advantage of. If you're a writer of any kind, this info will be useful to you. At last week's noon hour event entitled Beyond the Book: How Authors, Publishers and Agents are...

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Make Way for the New

The last time I was in this big a professional transition was the early 2000's when I declared that I would no longer be decorating eggs. After 30+ years as The Egg Lady - a name I always hated, but respected because it was memorable - I let go of being a craft artist...

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Wednesday Women to Watch For: Maddie Corman

Accidentally Brave is a one-woman show written by and starring Maddie Corman. The title is apt as the actress/playwright was hurled into a life-changing trauma she had not signed up for. Her courage and fortitude to face her new life script are evident throughout the...

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Wednesday Women to Watch For: Jen Poueymirou

If this were a wedding announcement, my 'meet-cute' with Jennifer Poueymirou would be long and unique. It's not a wedding announcement but one of a fortunate connection through the most circuitous circumstances. Briefly, I recently got my ears re-pierced so I could...

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Emotions I Felt Getting a Divorce

This Sunday, March 17, marks 8 years since my divorce. Lots has changed since then, much of which is covered in my upcoming memoir Too Much of Not Enough. But the feelings from that day, in the courtroom, are easily remembered. Because I’m a coach by profession I have...

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Wednesday Women to Watch For: Romina

From the get-go, I knew I was meeting someone who was totally herself. I don't have the opportunity to come into contact with many millennials, but Romina was seated beside me last night at the TDF Gala and we talked non-stop until the entertainment began. I was...

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Tayari Jones Interviewed at Symphony Space

It was dark in the audience during Tayari Jones' appearance at Symphony Space last night or I would have been furiously taking notes and jotting down the gems that were pouring from her mouth. She was interviewed by Darnell L. Moore (No Ashes in the Fire) in a program...

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