When Do YOU Get Back on the Horse?

Something is shifting inside me. As persistent as I claim to be, I can also experience rapid defeat. "That's it! I quit!" is not a foreign mantra. There are also expletive-laden ones, which I'll leave to your imagination. In some cases, it makes sense to quit and...

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Post-Partum Redux

I've been throwing my own variation of a spiritual tantrum lately. Maybe you can understand. I've done my share of writing, social media and speaking. Okay, Universe, Your Turn! After the excitement of my travel, book signings and workshops has subsided, the quiet is...

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Wednesday Women to Watch for: Maria Scrivan

Maria Scrivan called me giddy with laughter six months ago when the title of my memoir, Too Much of Not Enough, was announced. "You won't believe this!" she said, although I always have my ear to the ground for the Universe's creative miracles of coincidence. "I have...

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What to Do When You’re UN-Inspired

I'm fortunate to report to a spiritual action partner on Fridays. Today in our texted exchange I wrote that I haven't blogged in several days and wasn't feeling inspired lately. I'd had a great rush of activity, notice and praise around the publication of my...

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Publication Day! I Leapt!

The book is out, readings are beginning, and I'm in a heightened state of joy, but also craziness. For the past few days I've been truly whacko. I made a black bean soup that called for canned chipotle peppers in a hot sauce which I dutifully added to the recipe. Only...

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Wednesday Women to Watch For: Rebecca Welz

Can you imagine conducting a seminar in China? For weeks before flying to Shanghai, my friend and colleague Rebecca Welz was abuzz with excitement and joy in preparation for hers. She'd been invited by her student at Pratt Institute to conduct a workshop in China...

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