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A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to a New Webpage

First the exciting news! I've just added "Artist" to my website: janepollak.com/artist. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Your comments are invaluable. I created a powerpoint doc as a first pass (I shared it last week) and offered the assignment to...

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Thank You, PowerPoint

My Visions Group is expecting to see an Artist page mock-up for my website next Wednesday. They're expecting it because I committed to designing one as a goal for our meeting that morning. Right now my site gives information on me as a Coach, Speaker and Author. But,...

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10 Ways to Know if Your Passion is Your Passion

I've been so enamored of my newfound art - penny rugs - that I felt compelled to list what's making me so happy. In doing so, I realized that this applies to YOUR passion as well. Take the test, and let me know how you do. You can't wait to get to work on your...

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Affirming That Size Doesn’t Matter

I vividly remember a photo of NYTimes cooking columnist Mark Bittman making gorgeous food in his tiny NY kitchen. The image came back to me while feeling nostalgic for the drawers, cabinets and shelves of the large CT art studio I abandoned over 10 years ago. Instead,...

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All I Want to Do Is Sew

Don't get me wrong! I'm adhering to a quarantine regimen of coaching, writing, eating, sleeping and a bit of cleaning. But in between those activities, I choose not to go on social media, read, watch movies on Netflix, or leave my apartment. Which is fortunate, since...

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I’m Attempting One of THOSE Projects

You know what I mean. The project that you'll get to 'someday' also known as your 'Vacation to Someday Isle'. Similarly, I remember a newsletter our rabbi sent to the congregation - it had to be over 30 years ago - promising to distribute round 'tuits' to each of us...

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“I’m Not Going to Pivot”

...said Gabrielle Hamilton, chef/owner of Prune restaurant in the East Village, last night on a zoom talk for the McNally Jackson bookstore. She was in conversation with the Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Cunningham while over 200 people listened in, including...

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What’s Doing Push-ups Behind the Scenes?

There's a saying in the rooms of recovery that 'your disease is doing push-ups' while you're in there working on sobriety, abstinence, solvency or your form of mental and spiritual well-being. Translated, if you choose to go back...

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