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What Is Your Time Worth Today?

I enjoyed cleaning my Logitech keyboard last week and thought I'd tackle my slow-operating vacuum cleaner today. I took the dust receptacle apart and saw (online) that you can run water through the filter. I noticed that it didn't flow easily. On closer inspection, it...

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I Missed a Day

I've been tracking each day of this quarantine with a list of to-do's in my master notebook. It's my way of maintaining sanity, some sense of normalcy and, dare I say, accomplishment. Yet, today when I went to record the tasks at hand, I saw that I had blanked on...

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Weird Al Made My Day

When I concentrate on my personal progress, the difficulties over which I have no control will iron themselves out. That was a sentence in my daily reader yesterday that could not be more apropos for April 2020. I'm always reminded in the Serenity Prayer to accept the...

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Is It Okay to Be Okay?

I was encouraged this morning reading Madeleine Albright's Op-Ed piece in the Times, Resilience in the Face of Disaster, particularly Bill Clinton's quote, "the quiet miracle of a normal life." The more routinely I go about the day's tasks, the more normal I feel in...

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Anyone Else Out of Control?

I was speaking to a friend this morning who expressed her upset at the way the man she shares space with vacuumed the living room rug. In other words, It wasn't her way. Instead of advising her, I shared a recent experience that felt like a similar loss of control--...

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What’s Getting You/Me Through This Time?!

Have you let go of perfectionism recently? In light of the world crisis, I decided that it's okay if: My meditation posture isn't totally erect There's a morsel of almond butter stuck to the glass jar I'm recycling (don't yell at me!) I don't know how to keep zoom...

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My Bell Broke and Sparked This Post

Yesterday I mentioned the 7pm sound salute to hospital workers in NYC that I participated in, until the clapper in my Tibetan bell fell off and it was silenced. If this was a different time, you may not have heard that story. But since these are such different times,...

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Laurie Klein Made My Day

"It's our job as creatives to put good stuff back into the world," Laurie Klein, my friend and creative guru, declared during our virtual zoom dinner this evening. Although we hadn't spoken in a few years, I received an invitation to and attended Laurie's "virtual...

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A Small Good Thing Courtesy of Katie Settel

Raymond Carver's short story, A Small Good Thing, has given special meaning to that phrase. In his narrative, a tragedy occurs for a young family. But, in the midst of their sadness, a moment of caring soothes their spirits. During this quarantine, many small good...

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