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What’s Doing Push-ups Behind the Scenes?

There's a saying in the rooms of recovery that 'your disease is doing push-ups' while you're in there working on sobriety, abstinence, solvency or your form of mental and spiritual well-being. Translated, if you choose to go back...

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Have You Been Scammed Lately?

I'd love to think that my memoir, Too Much of Not Enough, is being sought after for a top award. That's what the email I received hinted at. But since their invitation included multiple typos, it was hard to buy their message-- The team are excited to have you as one...

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What Have You Taught Yourself Lately?

I'm feeling very Helen-Reddy-I-can-do-anything these days. Some YouTube watching, a successful outcome, and ta-dah, increased self-esteem. In today's pandemic/quarantine, a bit of self-education and achievement can go a long way. Two trips to the computer had me...

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How Is Your Relationship with Time These Days?

My action partner started our call bemoaning time management. She's not a complainer, so I took note of her angst around the issue. I blurted out sympathetically, "Time management is a muscle, not a gift!" Only because she paused the conversation, and thanked me for...

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Tired of Self-Sufficiency?

I wasn't used to preparing three meals a day, cleaning my apartment, making household repairs and observing protocols for staying healthy the once a day I exit my home. Admittedly, I've had help along the way until 8 weeks ago. Now, it's all me all the time. Not...

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How Are Your Boundaries These Days?

I credit Wayne Dyer with the quote, "You get treated in life the way you teach others to treat you." He was my first guru starting in the early 80's. It was back then that I began to question my upbringing for the first time. I began to note how that upbringing...

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What Are You Grateful for Today?

There's a sign in my building's elevator reminding residents that today, May 5, is #protectallworkers day, a shout-out to the front line people, beyond medical workers, who are keeping us functioning, one day at a time. Each night at 7pm there is a cacophony of...

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What’s Your Dollhouse?

Katie Settel, a long-time client, called me this morning wanting to start a movement. She is passionate about helping children during this crisis. She's come up with the idea, the organization to sponsor it, and guidelines for contribution. She wanted my help...

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What Is Your Time Worth Today?

I enjoyed cleaning my Logitech keyboard last week and thought I'd tackle my slow-operating vacuum cleaner today. I took the dust receptacle apart and saw (online) that you can run water through the filter. I noticed that it didn't flow easily. On closer inspection, it...

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