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It Could Always Be Worse

There's a Jewish folk tale that's worth a read these days. The basic premise is that a man, unhappy at home with his wife, goes to his rabbi for advice. He's told by that wise man to bring his cow, goat and chickens inside their house to live with them. Of course,...

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Who Doesn’t Ask for Help?

I moved into my daughter's apartment while they're staying in New England and my kitchen is under construction. She texted me her internet info, but I had to call her when I couldn't locate her network, feeling like a dinosaur in the process. When I sent her the...

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Passion Interruptus

Since learning my new craft - wool appliqué aka penny rugs - my creative output has been voluminous. I've been sewing, designing, and posting multiple blog entries. Everything was blossoming, even in the midst of the pandemic. I'd found a source of joy and energy, and...

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Need a Laugh?

I'm almost finished reading Alan Zweibel's entertaining, honest and revealing memoir Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier*. I love to laugh out loud, especially when engrossed in a book, and he accomplished that for this reader. From his days before...

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I’ll Be Your Action Partner and Then Some

One of my secret weapons in my ongoing sanity, survival, and success--particularly these last four months-- has been the connection with an action partner (aka - goal buddy). I've had many over the years, each one fulfilling a critical need during our time together....

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Natalie Hoerner Wants to Share Her Gratitude

During a recent Transformative Coaching Circle I led, Natalie Hoerner briefed the group on her mission to spread the word about gratitude. Her daily practice of appreciativeness has been so life-altering, her goal is to make this habit universal. She came up with the...

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Art and Shame

As I'm stitching circles onto my recently commissioned art piece, my mind goes off in myriad directions, mostly unpleasant. I begin second-guessing each color decision I've made. Is the arrangement of light and dark attractive? Does the orange make it pop or create a...

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