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Encouragement from Agnes Martin Show at Guggenheim

Forgive the shadow of my iPhone capturing this fabulous list handwritten by Agnes Martin. It's in a vitrine in a side room off the circular ramp where a retrospective of her work is on display at the Guggenheim Museum. Truthfully, I'd never heard of her until my...

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Holiday Tipping Surprise

As you know, I moved permanently, I hope, into my own co-op apartment in Washington Heights last February. So this is my first holiday season in the 'new' building. Although I received the "usual suspects" list of staff wishing me a Happy Holiday Season, I wasn't sure...

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Who’s Got Your Back?

I admit it. I'm an approval hound. I mentioned this in my recent post about my Visions Group, how I love to get my homework done so they'll acknowledge me for my accomplishments. Same held true during my relationship with my writing coach, Melissa Petro, which ran...

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What’s Your Vision for 2017?

Since late February I've been meeting with two other people bi-weekly as a Visions Team. We follow a tight format with 3 timed segments--reading our Vision Statement out loud first, then the longest round with these questions in mind: What have you done since the last...

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Bring Back the Old Days!

  This post isn't about the election results, although that's an underlying contributor to my angst these days. I wanted to share my frustration--and echo yours, I'm sure--with a virtual conversation I had this afternoon while trying to consolidate my email lists...

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My Friend Jen Olbrys – The Goddess of Granola

When Jen Olbrys told me that one of the stores selling her granola called with a complaint, I remembered back to my early days of wholesaling my eggshell jewelry and hearing a criticism from a vendor. “We’ve taken it off the shelf until it’s resolved,” the shop’s...

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A New Sink and the Universe

"It's amazing what a sink will do!" I blurted out to my Visions Group on Wednesday when we met. Two weeks before, at our last session, I had described what happened with my purchase of a new vanity and its installation. My contractor had under-estimated the scope of...

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Demystifying Podcasts

A woman in her late 70's or 80's, from a highly regarded national publication, was seated to my left at the Women's Media Group lunch event this week. The topic of the hour was: The Future of Media is Podcasting. There was an exceptional panel of women qualified to...

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