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Fred Hersch’s Newest Fan

"I am leaving from SoHo at 10am on August 18th for IMS. Please let me know if you need a ride." I'd taken advantage of the offer by Insight Meditation Society to post that I'd like a lift from NYC to Barre, MA for the retreat, and I'd received this quick response....

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Prayer Answered. Thank you, Stephen Cabral

I had the amazing good fortune yesterday to receive a semi-private tour of the TDF Costume Collection guided by its director, the extraordinary Stephen Cabral. On Monday I'd met with my business/spiritual team, and the advice I received after telling them how hard it...

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Gone Om-ing

From August 18th - August 25th I will be attending a silent meditation retreat and  will be completely off the grid. I will leave emergency numbers at the front desk and surrender my iPhone. In addition, we're advised to avoid reading, keeping a journal, receiving...

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Why I Noticed that Fred Leighton Died

I always read the Times obits. But I'm particularly interested when there's a name I recognize, like earlier this month when a write-up about Fred Leighton caught my eye. I'd recently recalled his name in my memoir draft because I'd bought the gown I'd be married in...

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Flip Sides of the Same Coin

I had a business class professor who answered tough questions with a smile and this quote: "As it says in the Talmud, 'It all depends.'" Here's an example of how prescient those words still are. I just celebrated my 1st anniversary as a member of the Writers Room at...

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Meeting Mum

As a member of the Women's Media Group (WMG) I was invited to contribute a 30-minute mentoring session to one of our youngest members who are college interns. It was my great pleasure to meet Mumtahinah Ahmed, a rising Senior at City College of NY (CCNY) a couple of...

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