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Meeting Mum

As a member of the Women's Media Group (WMG) I was invited to contribute a 30-minute mentoring session to one of our youngest members who are college interns. It was my great pleasure to meet Mumtahinah Ahmed, a rising Senior at City College of NY (CCNY) a couple of...

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A Fabulous Photo Shoot Experience

I don't know how you are about having your headshot taken, but chances are, it's not high on your list of priorities. Yes, we see your candids all the time on Facebook, but you may be more like me on the professional side and put off updating your marketing images...

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What’s Your Ding, Ding, Ding?

Some of my best ideas for blog posts come from people's reactions to my coaching prompts. A very talented musician I know mentioned a persona he's created that has freed him up to be more adventurous in his music writing and singing. But he's never taken this...

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My Friend Joan

In her Pearls of Wisdom blog, Joan Blumenfeld recently revealed that she'd been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer and had opted for palliative care rather than treatment to fight the disease. I felt that twisty thing in my gut and heart and immediately picked up the...

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Overheard and Appreciated

As I was lying on my chiropractor's table waiting to be adjusted, his phone rang and I heard his salutation. "Hello, Chalfin Family Chiropractic, this is Seth. I can help you." That small realignment (pun intended) of words from "Can I?" to "I can!" struck me as...

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Mission Accomplished + Next Step

I completed my week in Amherst, MA where I wanted to go through every edit I'd received on my memoir manuscript, make the adjustments--that took the first five days--then read the entire book out loud into my recording device. Seven hours and 40 minutes of dictation...

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My Throat Hurts from Reading Out Loud

Here on my writing retreat in Massachusetts, I'm on the next step of the memoir process having gone through the entire draft of edits. What amazes me most is that I thought I was done a year ago. Twelve months later, I think I'm only about halfway there. With the...

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Editing – Phase 2 – Check!

I got up before 5am (went to bed before 9pm last night) and immediately continued editing. By 9am, I had only two chapters of notes left to go through, and they weren't as daunting as the ones from earlier. So I decided to reward myself with a walk on the rails to...

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